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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:40 am

General School/Roleplay Rules

• No Godmodding. Character has to least have some flaws; remember keep your character realistic. No one is perfect, we all have flaws.
• No Mary-Sue's/Gary-Stu's. No being super Mr/Miss perfect. Your character can't be good at everything.
Example of a Mary-Sue: Jenny is a straight A student, she's popular, has loads of friends, is a cheerleader is good at 10 types of sports, she can sing and dance, she's very nice and everybody loves her, she's also very rich with two parents who spoil her with everything.
• No one liners. You can do better and write what your character is thinking or feeling. Be descriptive, make your post meaningful. Have fun with it. No one wants to reply to a one-liner.
• Respect the people in this group/forum or you will be ignored and possibly banned.
• If characters are inactive for sometime, a private message to creator's account will be issued in regards to why. We all understand there is life outside of roleplay and this forum, that we all cannot be online 24/7. But if you are going to be gone for a bit and your characters are MIA, please inform the Administrative Office of your absence.
• Read ALL the sticky threads, especially the Essentials as that contains the MOST information that you WILL NEED.
• Write in full sentences using the appropriate punctuation and spelling, this kind of ties in with the no-one liners. Also please, include proper grammar.
• You may write in first person if you wish, as a forewarning, if you choose this method of roleplay, please state which character's POV you are posting in.
• When role-playing as two characters in one area avoid lumping them together in one paragraph, keep them separate, even if they are speaking with one another.
• Your character cannot be in two places at once, this ties in with keeping things realistic. Can you be in two places at once? No, neither can your character.
• All faculty members must be active as well as students; same rules apply.
• Don't be afraid to role-play by yourself at times, sometimes it takes a while before characters bump into one another!
• Keep times realistic, if you see others posting in the evening don't start your character on the next morning unless told.
• Read the description in italics on the first page of every RP thread as it gives you a sense of what goes on in there so you can role-play accurately.
• Keep it realistic, no magic or supernatural, although your character can believe in that stuff and try to practice it (but obviously it won't work because it doesn't exist.)
• Keep out-of-character in the OOC thread or post it in brackets or spoilers.
• When switching threads state where your character is switching too. (i.e. *After the girls had finished their conversation, they proceeded to get up from their seat on the couch and walk out the doors. "Where to next, sis?" Kylie asked the blonde. "Hmmm. Let's head to the beach!" The sisters then headed off in the direction of the beach.
• Character limit has been lifted; previously it was 2 students: 1 Faculty. Just don't over-do it. Every character has to be active in some way, shape, or form.
• If a teacher is assigned to a dorm it means they live on campus, do not RP them being at home apart from visits and holidays.
• School rules are within the description in italics inside the RP threads so read them.
• If you make a character, do not post a few times then delete and start over unless you have a LEGIT reason for doing so.  
• No attention seeking. Unless stated in your bio from some medical condition then no your character cannot faint every 5 seconds in public areas, suddenly develop asthma or panic attacks or draw out a gun in the middle of nowhere and start threatening to kill themselves, suddenly be an amazing singer and dancer, suddenly be irresistable, etc.  
• Do not make your first priority dating. This is very common. People make a character (mainly females) and then the first thing they do is latch on to any boy/girl they see. Get to know the school first, try to make friends first, don't make your character (and yourself) seem desperate (unless desperate is in their bio) for some attention from the opposite sex.
• No meta-gaming. This is when you character knows something they could not POSSIBLY know for instance the contents of a text/email unless told by another character or a secret they have not been told or overheard. Accurately guessing everything also counts as meta gaming. Remember, unless stated by the actual creator, these things are not public knowledge to others.
• Don't predict things for other characters, they are not your character to control, give the other roleplayer a chance to react to your post before just throwing more things at them.

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PostSubject: Basic Grammar/Roleplay   Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:44 am

Basic Grammar
Your and You're:
"I like your top."
"You're so pretty."

There, their and they're:
"Do you see that big shop over there?"
"Who knows what they're up to?"
"You shouldn't touch their stuff."

To, two and too:
"Let's go to the mall."
"I saw two textbooks left."
"Yeah, I think he's cute too"


Good vs. Bad Roleplaying

Bad Roleplaying:
Sue sat at a desk. <---- One liner, no description.

Good Roleplaying:
Once Sue had entered the class with her backpack slung over her shoulder, she sauntered over to the desk that was next to a window.
She placed her bag down on the floor, before taking her seat.
The bag was delicately sitting next to chair's leg now.
She placed her elbow on the desk with her palm raising up to rest her chin on.

Bad Roleplaying:
In class bored and texting. <---- Non descriptive, no follow up to roleplay with, one liner.
Good Roleplaying:
As the teacher droned on and on about bi-quantum-whatchamacallits, I drifted off and eventually blocked her words.
I nonchalantly and sneakily pulled my phone from my pocket.

Bad Roleplaying:
arthur was sitting next to sum gurl and sed hey can i have ur fone number pls. she said yes and arthur was happy becoz she liked him. <---- lack of punctuation, bad spelling

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General Rules
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